AKARAI “King of the Air” championship

AKARAI “King of the Air” championship

Get ready for the thrill of the year! The upcoming “King of the Air” Kitesurf championship is just around the corner, and at Club Akarai, we’re ready to take the passion for Kitesurfing to new heights. Starting in November and running through December, we’ll be hosting this exciting event that promises to be a true showcase of adrenaline and courage for our club’s participants.

We’re excited to announce that the event will be live-streamed on our social media channels. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to experience the excitement of the “King of the Air” Kitesurf championship in real time. Tune in to our social media to catch every moment of the action and adrenaline. Get ready to experience it as if you were right there!

We’ll be keeping an eye on ideal conditions, and as soon as the wind hits over 20 knots, we’ll unfurl our kites and the competition will begin. The bravest and most skilled riders will face the challenging wind to determine who deserves the title of “King of the Air.”

But that’s not all. Our commitment to the Kitesurfing community doesn’t end in the heights. We’ll be hosting a grand club MEETING where the exciting trophy presentation will take place, alongside the Wingfoil champions. Here, we’ll not only celebrate the champions but also honor the passion and spirit of all participants who make our community special.

So get ready for an exciting year-end at Club Akarai. The “King of the Air” Kitesurf championship promises a lot of action and excitement. Don’t miss out!

See you on the beach!