Spanish championship, Akarai podium

Spanish championship, Akarai podium

The Spanish championship has ended in Tarifa with Club Akarai dominating both the Amateur and Advance categories.

A circuit of 3 competitions whose locations have been: Ibiza, Mallorca and Tarifa

1- Kike Mas (club akarai) ????? (SPANISH AMATEUR CHAMPION)
2- Iban (Akarai club)???????
3- SUPER PAKITOO (Akarai Club) ????????
1 – Leo (Akarai club) ??☝️?????(SPANISH ADVANCE CHAMPION)
2 – Daniel Alarcon (Akarai club) ?????✌️ ??
3 – Samuel swinburg (Akarai club) ???????????
Super PROS

5- Benjamin ????? Amazing???
Congratulations to all.
From the club, we congratulate you for your perseverance and determination that has led you to be champions.????