AKARAI Ibiza Wingfoil Championship

AKARAI Ibiza Wingfoil Championship

The three regattas held in Ibiza were a true challenge for the competitors, as they faced a variety of wind conditions that tested their skill and adaptability in wingfoiling.

In the first regatta, conditions were optimal with sustained winds of around 15 knots. Competitors eagerly took to the water, enjoying a steady breeze that allowed them to showcase their wingfoiling skills.

The second regatta presented an even greater challenge as winds increased to a range of 20 to 25 knots. Windy conditions tested the athletes’ dexterity, demanding greater control and endurance. Sergio continued to lead in the “Advance” category, demonstrating his proficiency in a wide range of conditions.

Finally, the third regatta, held on Sunday, September 10th, posed a completely different challenge. Winds fluctuated between 5 and 12 knots, requiring a completely different strategy. The relative calm of the wind made the competition even more exciting, as every move and decision became critical.

In the overall standings, Sergio leads the way in the “Advance” category with 27 points, closely followed by Markitos with 24 points, while Judit shines in the third position with 19 points.

In the “Amateur” category, Javi and Martin are tied for first place with 13 points each, showcasing an exceptional level of competition and skill. Kata secures the second position with 10 points, while Iban ensures the third place with 7 points.

These three regattas not only tested the competitors’ wingfoiling abilities but also highlighted the importance of adaptability in water sports. The athletes demonstrated their dedication and passion for the sport by facing a variety of weather conditions, creating an exciting spectacle for all spectators and solidifying Ibiza as a world-class destination for wingfoiling. Congratulations to all participants for their courage and determination in these challenging regattas! See you in the next one!