New Sponsors !!!

New Sponsors !!!

Good day to all the members and friends of our club! Today, we gather with great excitement to announce news that will strengthen our community and open new opportunities. We are pleased to welcome two exceptional sponsors: Pizza Hut and Calendula. We are confident that this collaboration will be beneficial for all of us. Without further ado, let’s explore what these sponsors have to offer.

1. Pizza Hut: Flavors that Unite the Community

Introduction to Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut is an iconic restaurant chain specializing in pizzas and Italian delights. With a global presence, it is a reference in its industry and in satisfying palates.

– Reasons for Choosing Pizza Hut: Our club and Pizza Hut share values of community and excellence. Their focus on quality, innovation, and passion for food aligns perfectly with our vision. Furthermore, their global recognition will enhance our visibility.

– Benefits for the Club: Financial Support: Pizza Hut will provide financial backing for our events, equipment, and facility improvements.

– Shared Experiences: We plan to organize joint events like pizza nights and gatherings before or after matches, fostering camaraderie among our members and supporters.

2. Calendula: Flowers that Beautify Our Passion

Introduction to Calendula: Calendula is a company specialized in landscape gardening, dedicated to creating natural and beautiful spaces. Their focus on the beauty and harmony of the environment makes them leaders in their field.

– Reasons for Choosing Calendula: We share with Calendula a love for nature and the desire to enhance our surroundings. Their expertise in landscape design can transform our environment into an even more inspiring place.

– Benefits for the Club: Landscape Enhancements: Calendula will offer complimentary designs exclusively for club members, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your homes.

– Thematic Events: We plan special events like gardening workshops and outdoor activities for our members and the local community. Joint Promotion: Through collaborative campaigns, Calendula will provide us visibility within their network of nature-loving followers.

Contact CALENDULA GARDENS – Carlos 618613629 /